Carolyn Whyte
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 419

What if the men of Pride and Prejudice refused to take 'no' for an answer? In Jane Austen's original tale, Mr Bingley accepts 'no' from Mr Darcy about Jane; Mr Collins accepts 'no' from Mrs Bennet about Jane; Mr Wickham and Colonel Fitzwilliam are stopped from showing more interest in Elizabeth by lack of fortune; and of course, Mr Darcy accepts 'no' from Elizabeth at Hunsford. This variation looks at what might have happened, had those events gone differently, and, as the title suggests, what the reason behind some of the changes might have been. Could Jane turn down Mr Collins? What if Wickham had proposed to Elizabeth before she knew his character? And could anyone resist Colonel Fitzwilliam, had he been in possession of a good fortune? This story follows the original, more or less, and does not contain any material of an explicit adult nature.
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