Corey Moss
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 20

What do fear and delight have in common?Read this book and you will see how delightful a book about fear can be! With charming pictures and the amusing comments of a child, both children and adults alike will find this book to be a joy to read! The question for you, of course, is… “would you fear” to read this book?Reviews:"Delightful artwork and a story every child will relate to."- Richard Dutcher, Producer / Director "Fear not friends as you open the cover to join Corey Moss as he throws light on the wondrous creation we exist in as a child"- Brian Higgins, Imagineer / Producer"Would You Fear?" by Corey Moss helps teach kids that Life doesn't have to be scary, and that the power to control fear rest within your mind.", Printer
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