Shawn McGuire
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 694

A series about wishes granted by a genie with an attitude problem? What could possibly go wrong?Mandy simply wants to be happy. Crissy dreams of a better life. Desiree would love a second chance.Get the first three books in the series for one low price!SF Benson – author of The Alliance Chronicles “Desiree is this quirky, hippy chic genie. She lives in the present with her mind in the past. She marches to her own rhythm, her own way of thinking. Desiree doesn’t really fit in, but she has a uniqueness about her that defies rigidity. And she’s ever-evolving, always learning something else. It might take her moment to find the lesson, but she’ll get there. Eventually.”Toni @ My Book Addiction – 5 stars – YA Fantasy at its best! “Not only do we get to follow along on Mandy’s adventure with Lexi, we also get to learn bits about Desiree — the wish mistress who I ...
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