Jon Swank
ASIN: B015K55874
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Pages: 309

The year is 1980. Gay soldiers desiring to serve their country must do it with extreme caution. One step out of the closet and they risk a dishonorable discharge. Many forgo their social life to live their profession. First Lieutenant Brett Walker is but one example of such a person. Until one evening he spies a flier on the wall of the Berlin U-Bahn for a bar called Club David. For the first time in his twenty-six years, Brett chances a visit to a gay bar to see a drag queen show. His daring move sets in motion the events that will alter his life completely and forever.Not only are gay military men and women forced to live in secrecy, but all US Federal workers, including employees of the CIA, fall under the same directive against sexual perversion. Jakob Haas leaves the Navy SEALS for the CIA. He finds it too difficult to live a lie with his brothers in the Navy. He chooses a place ...
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