Steven J. Thompson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 176

Highcynder is a small land of rich fields and brave souls, and one of the few truly free Kingdoms in the land. This freedom threatens and attracts those more powerful, bringing the slight Realm into the selfish glare of a mysterious witch. When Elizabeth and Emily Daring, the mischievous and adventurous daughters of Duke Daring seek to uncover the source of the land’s missing sweetberries, they accidentally stumble upon a plot to attack the Kingdom, leading them into the adventure of a lifetime – one that will challenge their wits, their bravery and the very friendship they have found in sisterhood. Aided by gnomes, fairies and friends, they face Goblins, Ogres and the very Witch whose clever scheme may unravel everything they have come to love. This amazing adventure is the first ever children’s book from author Steven J Thompson, a Veteran and Army Drill Sergeant who wanted to ...
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