Kendal Taylor
ASIN: B01605OM5W
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 362

IN THIS HUMOROUS DEBUT NOVEL, TAYLOR EXPLORES FAMILY, FRIENDSHIPS, ADULTHOOD, AND THE THEORY OF ROCK BOTTOM. IS LIFE JUST LIKE GAMBLING OR CAN EVERYTHING BE CALCULATED? There’s nothing like a strong drink after a day of hard work. Calyssa is at her favorite bar in New York, drinking, because things aren’t going swimmingly for her. After landing a remunerative job at Shred Unread as a secretary, Calyssa was able to afford a one-bedroom apartment, and even purchased her first couch to prove to her mom she’s now an adult. If life is anything like gambling, this job is the equivalent of a royal flush.However, there’s Babette, a unibrow secretary with bad breath who wants Calyssa fired. For whatever reason, Babette’s boss, Mr. Grunt—the founder and CEO of Shred Unread—wants to see Calyssa first thing Monday morning, three days from now. To get her fired, for sure. Calyssa ...
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