Anthony J. Deeney
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 92

Human safety is a primary concern. No other robot can rival the new Harrowgate & Webster models, which regularly demonstrate astounding problem solving abilities and a virtually human level of awareness. It is 2068 and humans are attempting to colonise Mars.Recognising the advanced nature of these robots, Patricia Vicarro, director of a Mars colonization project, has selected HWR-001-046-QF Andrea to send to Mars in the first of a three stage project to build a colony.Everything must be perfect. Andrea spent nearly three years in isolation, preparing for Astronaut Adam Copelane’s arrival. He will be the first human on Mars and will join Andrea in building the colony pods for the third phase. Now, with everything ready for Adam, she watches the Martian sky eagerly.But there are powerful people who would wish the project to fail. Adam’s life will depend on the resourceful nature of ...
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