Amy Hughes
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 61

Drawing for beginners 7 steps to be a professional artist. Learn how to draw in one day! Drawing has never been made easier, on this comprehensive guide, drawing takes a different twist as you get to learn the most commonly used techniques and how simple and fun drawing can be. Who says drawing has to be tough and complex? Packed with photos and short exercises to direct you, this book is definitely what you need, it can never be easier.Drawing begun before time, way back centuries ago; from the stone-age to the historical epic times, drawing has been in existence and continues to advance and baffle as time goes by, we have seen some paintings such as the Mona Lisa that is almost a mirage of a high quality camera copy, or coded drawings that have been used to unravel some ancient secrets, drawing has been the best form of communication and also was the first. By following the six steps ...
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