Saxon Bennett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 293

Chase Banter had thought she'd adjusted completely to the demands of parenthood. She's not disconcerted by her four year-old daughter's budding genius, or the first encounter with the PTA. Her writing career has hit bumpy roads on her latest tour, though, and then things don't go so well when denizens of the PTA mention books and banning in the same sentence.Her BFF Lacey has a plan. It's simple: world-wide domination. Empower their inner lesbian superhero and take over. It's a Lesbian Nation rumble as they raise the forces of revolution. The PTA isn't going to know what hit them!Join Saxon Bennett on yet another Goldie Award winning wild ride through the quirky life of Chase Banter.Goldie Award Winner, Book 2 in the Chase Banter trilogy!
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