Jenny Schwartz
ASIN: B0169S6H44
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 201

A medical mystery of the most puzzling and impossible kind! What does it mean to be human? And is being human enough?Charley Rowdon knew Dr. Jack Bradshaw years ago, before the accident, before she lost her left arm. Before her husband died. Jack is an internationally respected regeneration specialist, and he’s just made the breakthrough of the century: using QNA to grow non-human bio-enhancements on people, including himself. Think superhuman senses, claws, and even, wings.However, when Charley accepts Jack’s invitation to accompany him to his private clinic, a luxury resort on the beautiful south west coast of Australia, she finds more than medical science and altered humanity. Her journalistic instincts urge her to dig deeper, even if it means confronting her disability.Murder, espionage and a scientific development that Jack never ever predicted will challenge Charley to shed ...
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