Diane Hunt
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Pages: 115

When problem-students meet a teacher with a plan everyone can have a happy outcome…“The atmosphere in the classroom was toxic.It was a mixture of regular students, special needs students and a couple of ‘professional troublemakers’ that wore ankle braceletsBut it wasn’t the ‘ankle bracelet students’ that were causing the problem…There were three specific students in the ‘center of the storm’. “Yes … These three kids have been a problem since the beginning of the year… we might need to have them take summer school” Said the Vice-Principal when I asked him why these particular kids were having such a difficult time.But you see, this was not my first teaching position. And I wasn’t going to let that happen…I implemented the ‘No Failings Students’ teaching method in this class.And sure, there were some objections at first,But as the weeks went by, there ...
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