Antara Mann
ASIN: B017ATN410
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Pages: 181

NEVER BEFORE HAS PASSION BEEN MORE DANGEROUS.Furious that once again the Genie and the witch Ezemalda escaped his clutches, the Dark Prince enlists the help of Lilith, the dark queen of sexual magic in his quest for revenge. Tricking them with a drink, Lilith bewitches Ezemalda and the Genie with obsessive sexual dreams. The Dark Queen’s plan backfires when Ezemalda comes up with an antidote, but she will not be stopped and implants a dangerous idea in all the kingdom's subjects. With everyone around them now convinced that the Genie commits terrible acts against women, even rapes them, he and Ezemalda have to find a new way to stand against the dark forces and clear their names.Pick up The Witch's Kiss Episode 3 to continue the epic series today!The Witch's Kiss series can be read independently or together. Suggested reading order:● The Witch's Kiss (Episode 1)● The Witch's Kiss ...
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