Shannon Rieger
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 370

When Sensing Creatures is Just the Tip of the IcebergA Young Adult Fantasy Fiction novelI know that finding the time to read is important; life is busy and time is precious. You won't be disappointed. Take a breather. Take time for you. Download today.Download now to join Michael Hilton in his paranormal world of stranger things. Michael’s mysterious powers emerged after being hospitalized when he was six. Along with reading minds, he also developed the ability to sense emotional and physical echoes and auras of people around him. Fantastic! However, there is a darker side to his powers.  Unearthly, dangerous monsters that once were hidden from view were no longer invisible to him, and were living incognito in his town.He grows up in relative self-inflicted isolation from a world that simply could not accept there are very real monsters everywhere.  To protect himself, he spends ...
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