Shannon Rieger
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 370

By the end of the day, I would meet two creatures with life-altering demands. The first, a gruesome wretch who didn’t know me but wanted answers to questions I had no way of understanding for months to come. The other, a firey red-headed stranger who knew me too well and wanted me to express in writing my deepest, darkest secrets.  And it all began with something as mundane as a walk to the park.I felt an echo, a coolness that enveloped my body and vibrations that buzzed in my legs, which made me shiver. I turned to watch, peripherally, the approach of a woman. Well, at least, I think she was a ‘woman’.I was too frightened to look but too curious to take my eyes off her. In one word, creepy horror film quality. I know, I know, that’s more than one word, but there is not a word that could describe with certainty how creeped out I was as I watched her jerk and flinch her way to ...
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