Barbara J. Morrison
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 40

THE SECRET OF THE BROKEN STONE –BOOK 2MICROSCOPIC WORLD SERIESMelanie is about to turn ten-years-old. She is excited for her birthday, and knows of a treasure that belongs to her mother. Her mother received the treasure when she was ten. Melanie is impatient and wants to know the secret of the treasure in the box in her mother’s room. The box has been passed down through the family since the time of her Great-Great Grandfather. Only the receiver of the box knows what it contains. Melanie comes from a long line of mining family members that love to find gemstones in the natural bedrock and caves. She has developed a love for them as her Grandfather has passed some to her. She loves to use her Digital Microscope to see inside of them.A very special treasure awaits her one day. She hopes it will be on her tenth birthday when she receives it. A little impatient, she tries hard ...
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