Sylvia McDaniel
Publisher: Virtual Bookseller, LLC
Pages: 216

Can a soldier forgive the girl he loves when she sends him a Dear John Letter? Tyler Ferguson thought losing his memory had some advantages, but mainly it created problems. When a roadside bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan exploded his Humvee, and wiped his memory of the last ten months, he’d been given a medical leave to come home just in time for Christmas. Tyler is so excited to see his fiancee, Kelsey Johnson. Kelsey can’t believe it when she opens her door and there stands the man she’d sent a Dear John letter to. When she realizes he doesn’t remember the breakup, she thinks that life has given her a second chance with the man she loves. At least until his memory returns. Can her sister’s wedding and the spirit of Christmas heal the wounds of two broken hearts when Tyler’s memory returns?
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