Christina Benjamin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1816

The Geneva Project Series - COMPLETE BOXSET "My 14 year old son has read the entire series and all of the prequels. It is definitely in his top 5 favorite series, the Harry Potter series is another in his top 5." - Amazon Customer"Wow! Definitely unlike anything I've ever read before! I love that there's magic and intrigue and it's just full of excitement. I'd definitely watch these movies!! And the best part?! My kids can read them and enjoy them. And it's not something over done. Writing at its best!!" - Amazon Customer---------------------------- The Geneva Project - TRUTH (Volume 1) Trapped on a flood ravaged island full of orphans, natives and wealthy citizens of the prosperous city Lux, a young girl named Geneva finds herself enslaved at an orphanage with no future and a past she can't remember. That all changes when she meets someone who promises her that there's more in store ...
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