Andrew Johansen
ASIN: B01866XV8W
Publisher: JPPD Publishing International
Pages: 158

3rd Edition - Revised, Improved and New Content! This book will teach you how to use Linux operating systems. After reading this material, you’ll be able to use Linux for both basic and advanced purposes. Aside from explaining basic concepts and theories, this book will give you practical tips and actual commands. That means you can be a proficient Linux user just by reading this book.Each chapter is dedicated to an important aspect of Linux. For instance, a chapter is dedicated to the file system being used by Linux machines. With this kind of data presentation, you won’t have to waste your time reading about irrelevant topics. Study this book thoroughly because it can help you maximize your Linux computer/s.Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn... Linux – The Basics Basic Functions The File SystemThe Processes RThe I/O Redirection Linux Systems and Text Editors Networking ...
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