Ryan Nolte PhD
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 69

Crack The Code... The Secrets Of Body Language RevealedThere is a very significant, yet silent form of communication that takes precedence over all the other forms.Without question, it is present in every single conversation and is more powerful than any spoken word.This undercover style of communicating is so under the radar that most people are unaware they are constantly projecting messages about their thoughts, feelings and intentions all of the time.To add to this mystery, others are continuously acquiring and deciphering these messages on a subconscious level unknown to them.This incredible way of transmitting information is called "Body Language".Understanding the multiple components of body language is not an easy task, but those who can harness it's power, can secretly influence and read the minds of others without detection. In fact, a person well versed in this language, can ...
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