Ella James
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 708

Sink your teeth into three full-length, contemporary, erotic fairy tales from USA Today bestselling author Ella James. For a limited time, get USA Today bestseller Red & Wolfe, Hansel, and Beast in a single box set. More than 700 pages and 240,000 words. ☆ "I'm saying this right here, right now: that Ella James is the QUEEN of erotic contemporary fairytale genre." - Mama's Dirty Little Reads ☆ "Ella makes us need and want things that we would never admit to. These erotic fairy tales of hers...they are works of art." - Shanya Renee's Spicy Reads☆ "A great series, with great characters, sizzling sex, and a plot twist that you don’t see coming." - The Book Sirens☆ "I love a fantastic, edge of your seat read and this is THAT!" - Angie's Dreamy Reads- Please note these stories were inspired by fairy tales, but are contemporary rather than fantasy. RED & WOLFE: When Sarah "Red ...
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