Emmet Fox
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 24

We often hear off people going on a diet in order to loose weight. The Seven Day Mental Diet proposes a totally different kind of diet - a mental diet. Our thoughts influence our lives in profound ways and with them we can create either heaven or hell on earth for ourselves. Most of us are not even fully aware of the kind of thoughts that run through our minds on a regular basis. The Seven Day Mental Diet propose a new discipline to become very aware of what the content of our mental processes are and how to learn to manage it. This book written in 1935 (and now revisited) was hailed by the world-famous life coach Anthony Robbins as one of the books that had a profound impact on his life.It first argues for the importance of taking on the challenge of a Seven Day Mental Diet and then it explains in detail how to take the diet. In this "revisited" version we have added a visual summary ...
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