Ed Escoto
Publisher: Edgar Escoto
Pages: 6

"Hello, Goodbye""Hola, Adios"The best feeling is seeing the excitement and pride in a child's face after they learned a new word. By the time they finish the book, they will know the above words...Amazon Best Seller in Spanish Children's Books "Derek and Haylee Learn Spanish" is a great introductory book to engage and entertain children as they expand their minds with a second language. It focuses on a simple storyline that allows children to focus on what's important - learn new Spanish words. It is a great book for non-Spanish speaking parents to expose their kids to Spanish. The glossary in the back of the book is the parent's best tool to ensure their child pronounces the words correctly.What's Inside?1. A fun story with more than a dozen Spanish words that are incorporated in a fun way. 2. Glossary with pronunciations for all Spanish words used in the book. 3. A sneak peek into ...
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5 stars from 8 ratings
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