C.T. Horner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 428

SURVIVAL INCORPORATED by C.T. Horner combines the previously published, four-book CORPORATE SURVIVAL series to comprehensively explore what happens in an ever-degrading society, when a group, of like-minded citizens, join together to form a corporation for their mutual survival. After the collapse of the United States Government and the rule of law is abandoned, the SURVinc. community is forced to confront enemies, both foreign and domestic, in an ongoing battle between survival and extinction where cutthroat tactics, predatory instincts and vigilante justice challenge the character of even the most honorable among them. Will the citizens of SURVinc. be able to ensure their own mutual survival and not only survive, but thrive? Discover the answers in SURVIVAL INCORPORATED by C.T. Horner.
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