A. Lynn Byk
Publisher: Capture Books
Pages: 354

Where does fatherhood end? Blessed are they that give a little more to family relationships. Blessed are they who seek scientific answers to life’s little perplexities! When a faithful homemaker makes a new home with a reliable old space engineer, her father-in-law, a surprising new life develops. When the 98-year old aerospace scientist gains a faithful chauffeur and cook, they each discover why they might still matter. Mister B: Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist charms the bejeebers out of the Greatest Generation, WWII and the Cold War. In 2013, an old man's chauffeur-cum-cook begins to journal the story of Mister B. Lynn Byk’s debut offers timely subject matter for adult children caring for parents and grandparents. With aging couched in the pillows of wit and kindness, MISTER B exudes inspiration from history. MISTER B rolls through controversies of old age with a humor ...
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5 stars from 25 ratings
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