A. Lynn Byk
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 350

This is the book that spins Americana like cotton candy. Who can tell how life transforms? Eccentric as an old goat hanging his hooves off of a cliff's edge, Mister B proves he could care less about being politically correct. That's not Mister B's style. What is his style and rhythm? Find out now.As an immigrant drinks in the love of belonging, a mathematician drinks the probability curve related to everything else.How did this dance between a strong woman and an elderly rocket scientist begin? For curiosity seekers of aerospace and structural science, for story lovers of the Greatest Generation and World War II, for family members caring for aging parents... Mister B is a treasure worth unearthing. If you liked Imagine That, you'll love this book.How did Mister B become the 2016 recipient for Best Memoir? This much is true, the ol’ man and his new companions embark to redesign ...
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5 stars from 31 ratings
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