Stan R. Mitchell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 63

Publisher's Note: You can save money by buying all six serials here: Acuff is forced to give up his dream job as a detective in the Memphis Police Department and soon finds himself in a totally different world: the slow-moving, quaint police force of the Akin Police Department.Almost everything is done differently here and his fellow officers see Danny as too eager and distrusting of the local, big-named citizens. These locals are good-hearted people with long family histories, they try to tell him.But Danny thinks differently, and the hot-shot detective and prior Marine soon finds himself tangling with murderers, big boys from the hills sent to run him off, and even a dangerous couple of Special Forces men. All this happens while his personal life spins completely out of control.(Series Note: Each book in this series is more like an episode on TV than a ...
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