Stas Bekman
ASIN: B01A951AD6
Publisher: Stasosphere Online Inc.
Pages: 91

What if I were to tell you that Your Bike Seat has a direct impact on Your Sex Life? How would you feel if after reading this book you could develop expertise in finding the best ergonomic bike seat and adjusting it correctly on your bike so that your sex life is no longer negatively impacted?Stas Bekman, a published author and a recipient of the prestigious White Camel Award, presents the little-known facts about the negative impacts your bike seat has on your sex life and provides easy to follow pointers for you to be able to have a fantastic sex life regardless of how much you ride your bike.In this book you will learn:* How your perineum is not designed to be a shock absorber* How there is no such thing as a one-fit-all bike seat* How the science can't come to an agreement on the subject* How the industry responds to this issue* How you need to listen to what your body is telling ...
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