Derek Turner
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Pages: 282

‘A richly textured comic masterpiece’ – Thomas Fleming Present day Dublin.Ambrose Sheehy-O’Connor is an unlikely protagonist whose wayward energy and imagination explode in unpredictable directions in a country consuming itself in culture wars.Ambrose is a 23 year old misfit, who has an otherworldly encounter, and becomes convinced he has a mission to convert a secularizing Ireland to his own bizarre religion. His strange appearance, gaucherie and naivety - plus a theology blended from medieval Christianity, fantasy novels and computer games - horrify his mother and spark ridicule and violent hatred. But he also finds devotees looking for any kind of leader.His quest brings him into confused, comical and calamitous contact with believers and unbelievers from disillusioned nuns to glamorous socialites, leftist chat-show hosts to sleazy New Age healers - all brought together in ...
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