Claire Decker
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 184

3 Book Bundle by Claire DeckerThis Is HomeFiona returns to the home she grew up in after her mother left her the entire estate in her will. Real estate is her passion and Fiona intends to make this a quick sale but when she gets to know the woman her mother had employed for the last ten years, Kim, she begins to wonder why she ever left Montana at all. Sea BreezeActress Regina Molinari is being stalked by a “fan” who keeps sending her letters. The latest one included a photograph of the actress in her home. Regina decides to stay at a friend of a friend’s villa in The Virgin Islands for a few days while the police track down her stalker. She is supposed to be there alone, but another woman, the owner’s artist sister Kelly, arrives on her second day there. When Kelly realizes the house is already occupied, she offers to leave, but Regina thinks she’d feel safer with someone ...
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