Chrissy Peebles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 36

This is the short story prequel to the book, Blair (A Vampire & Paranormal Romance) (Daughters of Darkness: Blair's Journey Book 1)You can find this exact book in 'Blair.' The only reason why it's published individually is because readers who have downloaded anthologies didn't get the prequel and wanted a way to read it. Upon reader requests, I published this prequel by itself. Blair is a nurse in one of New York City’s grittiest neighborhoods. Day in and day out, she works to save the lives of as many as she can. Call it atonement… for the crimes of her ancestors. Because Blair is not just a nurse. She’s not even just a witch and a member of a powerful coven.She’s also half-vampire. Without pure blood, Blair cannot be allowed to use her magic, and she is determined not to use her powers as a vampire to prey on those weaker than herself. So for years, she has passed as a ...
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