Rick Riley
ASIN: B01AU1149E
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 147

Book 1: Etsy Selling Secrets Revealed: 40 Creative Ways To Build A Successful Etsy Business And Make Huge Profits FastHere Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...What Exactly is Etsy?How Do I Advertise My Goods?Who Shops on Etsy?Creative Ways to List Your Goods on EtsyThe Trick to Making Your Product Stand Out on EtsyHow to Use Keywords to Draw People inBuilding Your Reputation on EtsyMuch, much more!Book 2: Turning Thrift Store Oddities And Rarities Into Cool Cash: 50 Off The Wall Items You Can Buy Cheap At Thrift Stores And Resell On eBay And Amazon For Huge ProfitIn This Book You Will Learn...Strange Finds You Can Profit FromMore Super Strange Items That Bring in Big Money!All Things Old and Off the Wall TreasuresOddities and Wacky Items That Sell GreatHow to Think Outside the Collectible BoxA Few More Oddities to Look for!Even More Unique Finds That You Can Cash in onMuch, much ...
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