Alexa Kang
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 363

She’s fourteen and her parents are sending her away to America.It’s 1940.The London blitz devastated her world.Now, in Chicago with the prominent Ardley family, Tessa Graham is lost. Their ways aren’t hers. She finds the South Side, jitterbug dancing, and the Irish who run the town.Is this the escape she really wants?Could she belong?18-year-old Anthony Ardley has to make a choice. Side with the family against the war or fight for the world with his friends? Will the draft force his fate?A sweeping saga of love and war, this story will take you back in time from pre-war Chicago to WWII’s Battle of Anzio in Italy and beyond.“Tessa, I don’t know how to swing dance, and I wouldn’t be very good at it if I tried. But if you care, I’d like to do a different kind of dance with you.”Rose of Anzio. Get it today.
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