Tania Johnson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 127

Russian - Learn Russian - In Days, Not Years!The Secrets to Language Learning, Russian Phrases, & Speaking RussianGetting away to an exotic European country is often on the bucket list for many of us. The fear though with this is not being able to communicate with the natives of the country we may desire to visit. That should not be an obstacle to travelling and discovering the delights and culture of new lands. Learning languages is now so much easier and quicker.♦ ♦ Free Bonus Gift - You don't want to MISS! ♦ ♦That goes for the Russian language as well. Russian is the most widely spoken language on the continent of Europe as it is the largest country on the continent. What better motivation to take on the challenge of this beautiful language.All the vowels, symbols, and sounds are taught in this book. It is done with a simple format of breaking down the pronunciations and ...
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