Jann Rowland
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 364

“Mr. Rowland includes many of the characters from canon, and it was fun to read a variation that combined Austen’s story with a more frightening and unique storyline than what is typically written in JAFF.”– C.A. justjane1813.com“If you would like to see how one man's obsession for a Bennet daughter could affect her life and courtship to another man this is the book for you.”-- Tina Carter, http://halfagonyhalfhopelove.blogspot.caReader Feedback:“I have read four of Mr. Rowland’s other novels and for me this was the best. It brought me to tears over and over again, if not also with a catch in my throat and on the verge of more tears.”“What a fantastic story!”“I enjoyed the writing and the story and the different take on these familiar characters. I would much recommend this to any fan of Austen fanfiction.”*****Banished from her home at the age of seventeen for ...
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