Charlene Ross
Publisher: Velvet Morning Press
Pages: 104

A fling in Cancun leaves Laney brokenhearted. Will margaritas ever taste sweet again?Laney Delaney, a wedding dress designer, thought her fling with Andy in Cancun was more than that—until he admitted he had a fiancée. Brokenhearted, Laney returns to LA and deals with the demands of temperamental brides and their mothers while trying to forget Andy (whose image is in her mind every time she drinks a margarita).She meets Kyle, a young lawyer, who has just what it takes to heal her wounded heart. But when Kyle's marriage proposal never turns into an actual wedding, and he spends more and more time at the office, Laney's happiness sours. Enter a surprise encounter with Andy and an even worse surprise on her kitchen counter and what's a girl to do?If you're looking for funny chick lit or a romantic comedy, Love on the Rocks (with Salt) by Charlene Ross (a breakout voice in chick lit) is ...
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