Christopher Craft
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 116

Urban legend adventures unfold for a group of small town buddies...In stories of old, it is said that Old Man McKalin was a cold and wretched man, and in the darkness, his shadow lingers. In the decades since his passing, the old farmhouse stands quiet and menacing, provoking stories of zombies, and vampires, and doom. For five children, these ghost stories are only the beginning of an epic journey into the Old Man’s past, and their own…Join Roger, Jack, Julie, Peter, and Michael as they face their fears and uncover the discovery of a lifetime--a device so mystical and powerful, it can only be made of the stuff of legends. In this whirlwind time-traveling adventure, you will be swept up in the epic quest to understand the device, and its incredible past. What consequences will time travel bring to the five friends? What other secrets does the device hold? Hold on tight and find out ...
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