E.A. Cook
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 135

1893 Lucient Robineux, the head of a New Orleans-based detective agency, is called to his family's long abandoned homestead in Minnesota to investigate the murder of a pair of miners. When he gets there, he discovers that the investigative assignment was a ruse intended to bring him to the area so a brother and sister can kill him and steal his family's land. It turns out that the parcel is in the right of way of a planned railroad line that will serve a huge iron mining company. The sister, Colette Luzon, a beautiful but twisted woman, engineers a swindle to seize control of the property. Her brother and crime partner, the psychotic Antoine Gasparilla hires a killer to take care of Lucient.Robineux survives the attack, but is knocked unconscious into a swollen creek by the shot and barely escapes his pursuers. He is wet, cold and wounded, but he is also determined to turn the tables on ...
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