Bianca Vix
Publisher: Chocolate Press
Pages: 405

Struggling to get his business off the ground, Damian Jackson takes on a gig that stretches his limits in ways he would never have even imagined before. Jare Brooks is more than willing to show him just how much fun being bi can be. When unexpected desires for men start to surface, Damian decides to go for it and explore. He may be in for more than he bargained for when he and Jare get closer to each other than he ever thought would be possible with another man. But there’s no way his interest in women is going away. Damian has no idea if bi guy Jare feels the same way about him, or if Jare needs to be involved with a woman just as much as he does.After introducing Damian to man-sex and mmf threesomes, Jare won’t let his heart go. Love is the last thing Damian expected to find. When Damian changes everything to be with Jare, he finds out who is truly on his side. But can Jare be ...
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