Abbie Zanders
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 259

Bailey can't outrun her past. Avoiding her future's not looking too good, either.Bailey Keehan is running out of time. She's not happy about leaving the small, sleepy mountain town of Birch Falls, but she must if she hopes to keep her dark past from endangering the people she's come to care about. Despite her attempts to keep everyone at arm's length, they've woven their way into her heart and she'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.When Michael Connelly's matchmaking grandfather asks him for help, he figures the old man is just looking for an excuse to keep him in town for a while. The former Army Ranger soon learns there's a lot more to the pretty server than meets the eye. Not only is he convinced she's on the run, he quickly realizes she's the one he never expected to find: His heart. His croie.After Michael comes to her rescue one evening, Bailey gives in to her desire. But ...
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