Philip Wik
Publisher: A Blue Kitten Book
Pages: 80

In Our Story, I describe the immigration of my ancestors from Sweden to South Dakota in the late 19th century. A Prairie Cookbook expands on that narrative. Dozens of recipes copied from cards and scraps of paper that date from those days were used to satisfy the hunger of pioneering families in the Midwestern United States. I wish to frame your expectations before you read this book. These aren't recipes from the Old Country. They're recipes from the Midwest from the turn of the last century. You'll find better recipes on how to make ox-tail soup, for example, on the internet and in other books. If you read this book for culinary how to instructions, you're missing the point. Rather, my goal is to open a window into a vanishing world. This book provides another dimension to understanding the life of our ancestors. These recipes are as simple and as unpolished as those who ...
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