Kathy McClure
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 344

My grandmother, Amoret Eliza Draper was born in 1888 in St. John, Utah, a dusty speck of a town surrounded by brown hills and high mountains. She died in 1917 at age 28 at the cusp of one of the most exciting times in the country’s history. Amoret’s short journey took her from farm to city, from a Mormon childhood to a mother of four and from love to abandonment as she struggled to understand the changing landscape of her life. Through books and letters, children and husband and her father’s constant struggle with the land and the dark secret he wouldn’t share, Amoret discovers the meaning of innocence and guilt, sorrow and strength, happiness and hope. In a time and place where women were voiceless, in her darkest hour of despair, she finds a journal and learns her father’s secret and a way forward to redemption.
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