Angel Rose
Publisher: Angel Rose
Pages: 150

She was eleven and I was fourteen.I didn’t understand what I was feeling.I’ve never felt this way before.It was like being struck by lightning…intense, frightening and life threatening.Yes, I said it. Life threatening.You see, as soon as she walked into my life. Everything changed.She was the forbidden fruit.Innocent and untouched. The one who held my heart in her hands and she didn’t even know it.I didn’t know back then when I was fourteen how much I would love her. But, I know now.She was the one whose innocent lips I wanted to kiss. She was the tempting fruit I wanted to devour. Her body, the ultimate sin my hands needed to touch. I knew I wasn’t supposed to feel this way about her. It was forbidden.I was away from her for six years. I left as a child and now…I’m a man. The only man that could ever love her. The only man that could protect her.But, there is another ...
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