Rhoda Edwards
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 280

‘Her interpretive flair and accurate descriptive detail put her head and shoulders above the rest of the field’ — Times Literary Supplement1469.Edward IV sits on the English throne, in no small part due to the support of the magnificent Warwick — the Kingmaker. At his right hand stands young Richard of Gloucester, whose slight frame and young age belie his strength of will. His unprepossessing features hide the fierceness with which he defends those he loves, from Edward to Warwick’s youngest daughter, Anne, with whom he grew up.All is not well in Edward’s kingdom. His marriage to Elizabeth Woodville, a woman disliked by many, and the favour subsequently bestowed upon her extensive network of relations, has ruffled any number of feathers. Discontented, treasonous rumblings have arisen amongst certain members of the peerage — including Warwick and George of Clarence ...
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