Stan R. Mitchell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 341

Danny Acuff's marriage is on the ropes, and in a desperate bid to save it, he decides to give up his dream job as a detective in the Memphis Police Department and move east with his wife.  Back in her hometown in East Tennessee, he soon finds himself working in a totally new world: the slow-moving, quaint police force of the Akin Police Department.Almost everything is done differently in this small Appalachian town, and his fellow officers see Danny as too eager and distrusting of the local, big-named citizens. These locals, they argue, are merely good-hearted people with long family histories.But Danny smells something going on, and the hot-shot detective and prior Marine soon finds himself headed toward hot water -- all while trying to solve a particularly thorny hit-and-run case that has everyone stumped.As the hit-and-run case grows into something more and more complex, Danny ...
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