Stan R. Mitchell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 341

Fans of James Patterson, John Grisham, and David Baldacci should love this story.Book Description: In small-town America, up in the hills of East Tennessee, there's a mining company more than a century old, that's shipping millions of dollars of drugs across the country.The company places the drugs in a special steel container at the bottom of a flatbed, then hide them under tons of coal. The man who runs the mining company is ruthless, and he has a couple of retired Special Forces men who do his dirty work. These two men are further backed up by plenty of cruel, good ole' boys from the hills. Men who know how to shoot, apply pain, and hide in the woods.This secret drug operation has operated safely for more than fifteen years. Only one detective has ever gotten close to busting it all open, but he was taken out in a not-too-subtle way that sent a clear message: don't ...
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