Stan R. Mitchell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 336

Fans of the hit TV shows “Blue Bloods” and "Justified" should love every moment of this series, as should readers who enjoy James Patterson, Elmore Leonard, and Robert B. Parker.Book Description: Detective Danny Acuff's marriage is on life support. And, he's been forced to take a boring job as a small-town detective in a dumpy, sleepy, little town -- it's his final, desperate attempt to save his marriage.Danny figures his life can't get much worse. Danny couldn't be more wrong. Turns out this small town in Akin, Tennessee, isn't so sleepy after all.Danny soon finds himself tangling with murderers, big boys from the hills sent to run him off, and even a dangerous couple of Special Forces men.By the time the book ends, blood will flow freely in small-town Akin. At least two cops will lose their lives and Danny will test his hand-to-hand skills probably far more than he ever ...
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