Jennifer Youngblood
Publisher: Arbor House Books
Pages: 218

A sweet romance by bestselling authors Youngblood and Poole.When Gracie, a begrudging angel-in-training excepts her new role as a relationship mender and is assigned to help Alex Swanson and Dawson Allen—an impossible couple—rediscover love, she feels like it’s an overwhelming task, especially considering her own love life was a complete disaster. Gracie uses her newfound angel powers to orchestrate a wacky plan to bring the couple back together. Things go awry when a handsome, mysterious stranger sweeps Gracie off her feet and threatens to distract her from her mission. Will her zany antics save the day, proving that love never fails, or will she bumble the whole thing up and forgo any chance of ever becoming an angel? Includes bonus chapters from bestselling authors Taylor Hart and Lucy McConnell
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4.5 stars from 32 ratings Rating:
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