Olyvia Apple
Publisher: Little Light Press
Pages: 85

Are you an aspiring actor who also happens to be single? Are you one or the other?If so, then you could be facing a world full of a lot of confusion, frustration, and rejection…unless you learn to become an “Alpha Actor”. Making it in Hollywood and finding a great girlfriend could very well be two of life’s greatest challenges, and, actually, the process of achieving both is actually extremely similar.The Alpha Actor ebook will not only ease these twin processes, but help you approach them as exciting, welcome adventures. Directed mostly to men but benefiting anyone interested in achieving their heart’s desires, The Alpha Actor outlines how the states of mind and techniques you need to land an audition are those exact states of mind and techniques you require to land a woman’s heart.In The Alpha Actor, you’ll learn:•Why are there so many audition and pick-up techniques ...
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