Erin Taylor Young
Publisher: Erin Taylor Young
Pages: 140

Meet Henry, the kamikaze canine who barrels into one catastrophe after another. It’s not that he means to hurtle into mortal danger, it’s that he has some sort of randomly surfacing genetic mutation that supersedes what ought to be a reasonable dose of canine survival instincts. First there’s the bread dough incident, although we could partially blame that one on an absent minded professor. Then there’s the time Henry blows out his hemangiomas (by doing what, we don’t know) and turns our house into some sort of hemoglobin horror scene. And I guess he’s probably the only dog in history who tries to sabotage his own book deal, although that may have been the snake’s fault too. If that’s not trouble enough, Henry somehow attracts one ruckus-raising stray dog after another to our household, because God knows we need more canine chaos in our life.Then again, maybe tranquility ...
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