Dennis N. Del Prince
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 100

Novellas #14 is one of a series of books that tell more than one hundred unrelated stories about people in challenging situations. Trapped follows four young ladies who graduate from college and decide to have a vacation before they return home. The vacation includes a scuba diving experience where tragedy strikes and not all of the divers survive. I Had to Know relates how people sometimes become obsessed with wanting to find out certain facts that have been kept from them. Sometimes they are exhilarated by knowing what they wondered about and on other occasions they are not. A Sinkhole is what occurs when the area below the surface of the land is hollowed out by the forces of nature. The main character in this tale is caught in a sinkhole and carried far from home by an underground waterway. When he again reaches the surface, he encounters people still practicing an ancient religion. ...
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