Samantha Holt
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 243

TakenCaptured as a slave, Keita must use all her wits to survive the brutal world of the Norsemen. After a treacherous journey across the sea to a new world, her new owner bestows a blessing upon her—no man may touch her. Her purity becomes her salvation…and her curse.Forbidden.Thorarin had planned his revenge for ten years. He does not need his attention diverted by a slave girl. To touch her is to risk everything. Including his life.Tempted.The pull between them is strong. Thorarin must fulfil his revenge against Keita’s owner and she must remain untouched or risk being tossed aside as nothing more than a tattered sail on a Viking ship. Can they resist one another, knowing that just one touch could mean the end of everything for them both?
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