Joe Stone
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 231

When The Exorcist meets The Walking Dead …Lenton, Massachusetts. Once a charming little community serving as a pit stop for New England tourists. Now it’s a town gone mad. Mass murders occur on the streets. Friends and neighbors tear each other apart for the sheer sadistic joy of it. Those overcome by the insanity speak with an eerie clairvoyance, taunting their victims by exposing their darkest secrets. Stranger still are the black holes that have appeared throughout town, gateways into a mysterious world of pain and misery.Five unlikely survivors (plus one fierce dog with the heart of a lion) come together to uncover the truth behind Lenton’s descent into chaos. A lonely housewife, a nerdy teenager, a mild-mannered Web designer, a criminal on the run, and a Catholic priest. With the infected townspeople hunting them at every turn, time is running out.Filled with bizarre and ...
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