Dale Hughes
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 100

Honeymoons in Guatemala is two books in one in which we explain how to plan a successful honeymoon. We explain the do's and don'ts of a honeymoon and equip the reader with the knowledge needed to start their life together as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to help the reader start their life together without too many hiccups. The first book is A Short Guide to Guatemala by Dale Hughes. We answer "Why Guatemala?" Guatemala is just south of the USA and about a 3 hour flight from most major US cities. You get the exotic without spending the first 24 hours at an airport or in the air. The next few chapters gives you a guide to the major destinations in Guatemala. The second book is Planning your Honeymoon by Lia Iyog. We also included some romantic tales and advice and a chapter of checklists, which is the important chapter no matter where you are taking your honeymoon. It gives you the ...
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