Albert Nelson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 35

Homesteading:25 Useful Lessons To Live A Self-Sufficient LifeThe “Homesteading: 25 Useful Lessons To Live A Self-Sufficient Life” can be a good choice to learn homesteading lifestyle. Homesteading is a self-sufficient lifestyle characterized by home preservation of foodstuff, subsistence agriculture, and small-scale production of garments, craftwork, and textile for use and saleIt helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. It is a great way to improve your health by eating healthy food and secure energy resources. Modern lifestyle is full of luxuries, but it is linked to stress in your life as well.This book will help you to start gardening, learn about livestock and farming. You will get the freedom to live with family and learn good values. It helps you to have a meaningful approach toward life.This lifestyle is full of adventures and makes you self-sufficient. You ...
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